Feature Testimonial

"Several years ago, as I was heading towards my fifties, I decided that I needed to put a higher priority on my skin care. I spent a lot money on the latest and greatest Swiss and Japanese high-end lines from the high-department stores. It was really quite expensive. But I kept thinking that treating my skin well would prolong more drastic treatments which are even more costly.

When my oldest went off to college and my youngest to private high school, I decided I needed to look for a more affordable line of skin care in view of two private tuitions and living expenses for my college student. I had remembered the ATZEN line from a facial I had had back in the mid 90’s so I searched on line and ordered a few products to try thinking I might phase a few of the products into my routine to reduce cost.


To my surprise, I not only found a more affordable skin care line, I found a SUPERIOR line. So I sent all of my remaining (unopened as well as opened) high-end Swiss and Japanese skin care products back to that high-end department store for a refund. Those products in NO WAY compare to the ATZEN line! I’ve not only been wasting money over the past several years but I have also lost out on several years of using Atzen! Here’s what the line has done for me at age 53.

The Balance Cleansing Milk and Toner products are amazing! The Balance DNA Repair Serum absolutely works! My face looks so much better! Lines have greatly diminished (even my upper lip) and my skin looks years younger, firmer, smaller pored, and all around healthier. The Balance Protective Day Cream makes your skin feel great for hours...not just minutes! The Renew Eye Serum has decreased the lines around my eyes, made my eyelashes much healthier and the little white pockets under my eyes are going away (I can only assume the previous very expensive eye treatment was giving me these bumps.) The Balance Night Cream is also a real treat. I have also really enjoyed that when you email for customer support, Catherine Atzen, as busy as she is, takes the time to help you and select the right products for you.

All of this for much lower prices than I was paying! So try it for yourself and see if you will also think you’ve lost out on years of using a superior skin care treatment!"

Sheryl McCoy, age 53, Venture Capitalist, Los Gatos, CA, USA


"You gave me some of your wonderful products a while back at the Academy Awards secret room gift suites. I have been using them since then and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed them!! I LOVED them!! THANK YOU!!!!"

— Lorielle New, Actress, Beverly Hills, CA, USA


"ATZEN skin care products have been a part of my daily regimen of skin care for the past 8 years. At a time when people have access to a wide choice of skin care lines, I am loyal to Atzen products that bring me peace of mind and a relaxed attitude towards aging. It's knowing that I'm giving my face a constant youthful appearance and glow using products aimed at anti-aging and repair. I love the way the treatments absorb effortlessly into my skin. Once you get a taste of having moisturized and hydrated skin from ATZEN, other products take a back seat forever."

Caitlin Hoffman, age 50, Los Gatos, CA, USA


"I have very sensitive skin. Actually, I have extremely sensitive skin. The kind of skin that turns red at most facial products, particularly those with perfumes. ATZEN is the only skin cream that my skin likes and.welcomes. I use all the basic products and am grateful that after many many years, I have found a skin line that makes my skin healthy and happy and that is priced fairly. People remark on how good my skin looks these days, which, of course, makes me wonder how bad it looked before!"

Kathy Goodman, New York City, NY, USA


"Thank you, can't wait to get my products!!! My skin is in desperate need lol. Every time I run out of ATZEN and use any other product, I am never happy and my skin shows it. So I am never using any other product ever again. I am now a life long loyal ATZEN client. Next time I am going to order before I run out!"

Gina Obrien, Tampa, FL, USA


"I've had problematic skin for the past six years. In comparison to other brands, ATZEN products keep my skin calm and moisturized without irritation. ATZEN is the only brand that helps soothe breakouts without drying out my skin."

Natalie Teter, age 19, Los Gatos, CA, USA


"Absolutely LOVE your products!"

— Essentials Massage and Facials of Westchase, Westchase, FL, USA


"I would definitely recommend this product to any healthcare system as one of the best interactive educational products available. ATZEN has developed an excellent suite of compliance training programs. The customer service and tech support provided couldn't be better. The ease of use and accessibility are top notch. There are no words that come to my mind besides for "WOW"! It has been a wonderful experience working with ATZEN. It is not easy to find intelligent, honest, responsive and efficient vendors who truly care about their client needs. Thank you for your thoughts and actions. We are definitely very satisfied customers!!"

University of Washington Medical Center


"We want to thank you for your products, your products have saved my business. Its easy to work with and clients love it. We love the instant results you get from using the product and we really love the moisturizers."

Nuska's Spa team, Eugene, OR, USA