Safe and Natural Ingeridients

ATZEN is Superior to Organic™ skin care. We combine organic plants and vitamins with "high tech" ingredients that work. Paraben free, petrochemical free, pharmaceutical grade antioxidant formulations, natural emulsifiers from olives, and scientifically advanced active ingredients derived from sustainable and renewable sources.

While many product lines usually fit into one category or the other, ATZEN is unique in combining Pharmaceutical Grade, Green, and Cosmeceutical ingredients.  The ingredients are developed by leading laboratories in the USA, Europe, and Asia.   Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients are the highest quality of ingredients (higher quality than cosmetic grade).  Green ingredients and manufacturing methods respect the environment and protect your health.  Cosmeceuticals have medicinal or healing elements.


Our ingredients are safe, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (does not clog pores), and free of parabens, undesirable pollutants and petrochemicals. Our pharmaceutical grade antioxidant formulations use natural emulsifiers from olives and coconut combined with scientifically advanced active ingredients derived from sustainable and renewable resources. Furthermore, ATZEN does not test on animals and adheres to scientific principles respecting sustainability and a green lifestyle.

While ATZEN uses organic and/or natural ingredients (almost exclusively), the products are not 100% certified organic by choice.  Some of the high performance ingredients ATZEN uses, while natural and sustainable, may not be certified organic or Ecocert (European certification).  ATZEN is committed to deliver results and will not limit itself to just certified organic ingredients available today.


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